4-yr-old Hyderabad born b...

4-yr-old Hyderabad born boy becomes youngest to climb Mt Everest base camp
Nov 26, 2021

4-yr-old Hyderabad born boy becomes youngest to climb Mt Everest base camp

Advit Golechha, a four year old boy from Hyderabad, currently living in UAE, fulfilled his mother’s dream by becoming the youngest child to climb the Mount Everest base camp.

For context, the Mount Everest base camp are campsites accessed by mountain climbers and hikers in their journey.

“I wanted my son to become the youngest mountain climber and I ensured that he walked to the 15th floor of our flat in Abu Dhabi regularly instead of using the elevator,” remarked Shweta Golechha, Advit’s mother.

Advit started climbing on October 28 and by November 6 completed his trek by covering a distance of 5,364 meters. In fact, his parents took him to Manali, for over two weeks so that he could acclimatize himself to colder climates.

Along the trek, Advit is said to have also drawn whenever they took breaks. He also holds a record of the youngest in the world to identify 195 countries with capitals only by looking at their flags.

The entire idea started when Shweta asked mountain climbers to help her train Advit. “I ensured that he walked for at least two hours a day, received proper physical training and ate healthily,” said Shweta.

Shweta also stated that she did not want her son to get used to a luxurious lifestyle and become fussy and so, she let him get used to hardships so that he could become stronger.

“I was supported in my vision by my husband, Gaurav. Without his encouragement, my dream of Advit succeeding would not be possible.”

The plan initially was to pursue the trek in 2020 but owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to do so.